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Gurukrupa Polymers has established with sufficient shares by its quality and economical prices in the industrial construction field.

Gurukrupa Polymers - PVC Water Stop – One of the hi-tech products. A perfect product, free from defects, it is widely used in RCC, to withstand expansion / contractions of joints to take care of any deflection / displacement arising due to change in temperature (OR) settlement of foundations, thereby eliminating the danger of cracks. It is also used in concrete machinery construction of hydraulic structures to safe guard from hydrostatic pressure and water seepage.

Gurukrupa Polymers – Expansion Joint Filler Board – Is one of the performed fillers of re-expansion of joints in concrete pavements structures. The chief function of the joint expansion without developing stresses.

Gurukrupa Polymers – Bitumen Sealing Compound – for joints in concrete. It is compound of suitable mixtures of material and will form a resilient and adhesive barrier in concrete joints and will be capable of resisting infiltration of water and the ingress of solid particles. This may not be affected by temperature variation and will resistant tendency to flow out of the joints or be picked up by vehicle tyres under hot weather conditions. This will not become brittle or suffer loss of resiliency during cold weather conditions.
  Applications :
Publications : Bridges, Road Embankments, Concrete Roads, Tunnels, Water, Tanks, Swimming Pools, Municipal Hydraulic Projects, Water Filtration Plants, Sewage Plants, Clarifiers, Sewage Disposal Systems, Neutralization Tanks.
Buildings : Basements & foundations Floor Slabs, Terraces, Concrete Runways, Retaining Walls, Overhead & underground Water Tanks, Multistoried Buildings.
Agriculture : Dams, Canals, Acquaducts, Large Reservoirs, Irrigation Projects.
Industries : Fertilizers, Steel, Effluent Treatment Plants, Thermal Power Stations, Atomic Reactors, Shipyards & Docks, Cooling Towers.
  Properties :
Good ageing & longer life.
High Mechanical Strength.
Immune to Corrosion.
High Elasticity & Stretch Strength.
Optimum resilience.
Excellent weather resistant.
Effective in tropical climates.
Easy welding & installation.
Lower water absorption than rubber.
Non-hazardous and Fire retardent.
Unaffected by acids, alkalies, metal salts and other chemicals.
Hgh Tensile Strength.
Can bear snocks of heavy turbines, earth quakes, floods.
Works as Water Tight Seal.
Allow safe passage of seepage water.
Product Range
HDPE & PVC Pipes Fittings Nylon Braided Hose Water Stop PVC Transparent Pipes
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